Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Sorrow of Soraya M.

I rarely cry over a movie. And I NEVER blog about them. But I watched a DVD so gripping that I wept in the shower and I simply MUST share.

The Stoning of Soraya M. is set in 1980's Sharia-law Iran and is based on a true story. Soraya, on trumped-up charges, is stoned to allow her husband to marry a fourteen year old child. The film is rated R for the stoning scene alone, which I could not watch in its entirety.

A deep pervading sorrow rushed through me as they buried this woman, hands bound, waist deep in sand. I really don't want to describe it as it's so depressing.

Let me just say, I was furious with those who claim Christianity is oppressive to women. Just a cursory read of scripture shows a Christ who elevated women to a status previously unheard of. We are presented as treasures, to be loved sacrificially, to be honored. To be respected by our children. Christianity is unique among the religions of the world in this regard.

Also, I was filled with gratitude that I and my daughter and my mother and my sister live in this amazing country. Full of flaws, yes. But based on Judeo-Christian values and law. Sharia law is something we must never allow in this great country of ours as they have in Europe. Years ago, my mother's mother lived with the tragic knowledge that her unsaved husband had a mistress. But she was never dragged out into the road and stoned, so he could be remarried.

As I cried over Soraya and fumed over what could be done to change the world (you know me ;o), God whispered into my heart, "Give them Jesus, give them Jesus." Jesus is the only solution for the great sorrows of the world. And as I pictured him taking my lashes and being nailed to my cross, I knew (once again) that his salvation was for the Sorayas of the world, too.

This post is simply a pathetic attempt to express the fullness of my heart. At the grace of God. At the tragedy of sin. At the praise of our Savior. At the gift we have to offer others.


Kim M. said...

How horribly sad! Thanks for sharing your heart. We are a truly blessed people.

Liz said...

Thank God for grace - and the privilege of sharing with others. I'm probably too nut-so emotionally to watch that movie- I in habit characters wayyyyy to much - but its interesting/provoking to hear the story-line.

Juwah said...

So sad. I've read a few books by Muslim women, so I can certainly identify with what you are saying. I can only imagine how this movie would impact me.

Thanks for the reminder that the only fix for this world is Jesus...I'm a fixer too and need this reminder so often.

mykidzmom said...

I watched that movie over the Christmas holidays when my kids were in bed. It stayed with me for a long time. It is absolutely heart wrenching. And, it gave me a reminder that not all Muslims are the monsters that the media and the governments paint them to be. Remember what Soroya's Aunt yells after the reporter takes the tape? She yells out that, "My God is good," (Or something along that line). There are some terribly wicked things created by people in the name of their God (whether they are Christian or Muslim). Our Christian churches and leaders have done many terrible things in the name of God, too. I agree that we are blessed to have Jesus to look up to. That's why I think Christianity is so special. Jesus is here to remind us to love everyone, even if we don't agree with them, and by showing them perfect love then we will win them over. IMHO <3