Thursday, January 19, 2012

Post 2: Our Love Story in Bits and Pieces

Fully sixty percent of my life has been shared with Nathan. I met Nathan officially when I was twelve years old. (Although my parents did visit his parents' church in Hobe Sound some when I was four, so I'm sure he was around). Nathan was my youth camp counselor. He was a very mature 18 years old, and he gained my attention for well, a week or two. Let me be clear and say, he wasn't attempting to gain my attention in any way. He remembers think, "It's too bad the nice ones are always too young."

Nathan always had a ton of girl-friends around during those days. I have multiple pics from his college days that are just him and a gaggle of females. He went back to his world of school and social life, and I returned to junior high. When I was 14, he popped in at our church to preach for our pastor who was out of town. My mother quickly snagged him for dinner; I think she finagled that with the older couple who were scheduled to have him over. Fathers are lovely, aren't they? My dad knew about my previous crush, and made a big point (at least it was huge and obvious to ME- everything's drama when you're 14) of finding that out in front of me. Sigh. Devastation.

At some point in here, I saw him again at Pell City Camp. We talked until curfew one night in the cafeteria. I distinctly remember Larry Mabus hovering about and wishing he would go away ;o) If you read this, Larry- you know we love you ;o) haha Nathan kept saying something like, "I need to ask you something." Funny- he never got around to that. Curfew hit, and I was left to wonder about that for a long, long time. When I did see him again, he was dating? and said, "Well, what I was going to ask you, I can't now." 21 year old young men are so communicative ;o)....


Leah said...

Charity, I took a class with you many years ago in Hobe Sound - Literature with Edgar Bryan! :)) I just wanted to tell you that I drop in and read your blog every once in awhile and I thoroughly enjoy it!

Charity said...


Yes, I do remember having a good bit of fun with you in that class (we were probably talking when we weren't supposed to ;o) heehee Feel free to drop by anytime!

The Dickinsons said...

Funny, that I wasn't in that Lit. class...but know that TEACHER pretty well. ;-)

Enjoyed reading this and your last post on Love! Since I grew up attending Pell City camp and y. camp I could just SEE Larry Mabus hanging around your table and you wishing he'd go away. =) That cracked me up!

Will look forward to more post. =)