Monday, April 30, 2007

Dogs Are Easier!

I've officially entered the toddler potty world. Since I'm a detail-oriented person, I read up on several methods, bought the stuff, even put my desired method in writing. Yes, I know all you experienced moms are laughing already. Well... potty psychology begins. My child has been thoroughly and carefully schooled to go IN a diaper. (Bathtubs can get really yucky when...) Anyways, you get the point. Unfortunately, the training pants that brag of feeling 'just like underpants' feel just like diapers to her. So my poor daughter spent the morning carefully perched on her potty, controlling herself very well. Not a drop! But the second the pull-ups went back on, ahhh- blessed relief! I've not yet mentioned to my very clean spouse that perhaps going straight into regular panties may be necessary. I'm slightly disheartened. Having house-trained a dog successfully deceived me. Kathryn doesn't like the crate...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Watch This...
This video clip is so me (sometimes). Thankfully, the blond hasn't COMPLETELY invaded my brain through the roots of my hair ;O) But yes, you must copy and paste the address into your browser since I'm too blond to figure out how to directly link it....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm playing the piano for a wedding today. Who knew a rehearsal could last 4 hours?! Weddings are such a combination of massive stress, high tensions, and.... happiness?! They are fertile soil for arguments, kisses and apologies. After last night, I realized I've missed my calling. I could definitely direct a wedding- it's in my blood. I'm bossy by nature. It would definitely be less stressful than timing music to match the arrival of the typical bratty kids at the altar.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Nathan and Kathryn are both sick, so it looks as though I'll be without moral support today. I'll make do though. Pianos are a great place to store chocolate! :O)

Monday, April 02, 2007

And It's A Boy!

To our surprise, there was no little girl on the ultrasound screen. It's a BOY! And to think we've been calling him Natalie for months... I do hope he's not subconsciously scarred for life. Anyways, so all the purple and pink clothes shall be packed away, and we're adjusting our psyches for a little boy joining our home.

And for the latest Kathryn news, she turned two today! She also humiliated me today for the first? time. In the post office, there was a young college girl in front of us in line. She was wearing the typical Alabama garb for summer- shirt just a hair longer than her teeny-weeny shorts. Kathryn decided she must have forgotten to put on her 'bottoms', pointed directly at her (3 feet away) and shouted (perception is everything, you know), "Clothes on! Clothes on!" Oh yes, this could be a LONG summer! ;o)