Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Surprised By A Smile

How shall I say this without murmuring? (See Holly Walker's blog below ;o) Let's say my life right now is a bit on the downside. Nathan's been sick, our best friends are on the world's longest vacation, and it's Alabama-summer hot. You know it, you southerners. The pulsing sound of cicadas in the trees that mimic the heatwaves floating across the road. I broke a sweat carrying trash down to the bin this morning. I'm longing for the cool breezes of fall.

So! I thought maybe some of you are in the doldrums just now, and I thought I throw some happy thoughts your way. What makes you smile? You know, those idiosyncracies (we all have them?). Those fun little things that bring a little cheer to your heart on the rough days. I had a group of happy moments hit me the other night. I was on the way home from a child's birthday party, where I got to hang out with good Christian friends (number #1), when suddenly I passed a parade of antique cars on the interstate (number #2), when I found a Christmas in July special on the radio and heard Nat King Cole and Karen Carpenter belting out holiday tunes (number #3). I turned the a/c up high until I shivered, and my child sat happily looking at books in the backseat (number #4). Who cares that you now all know my dream car is something along this line? Anyone got $50,000 to donate to your favorite 'charity'? (I know, that's the oldest line going). Who cares that you now all know that I'd listen to a crooner any day, any time over any other genre of music? Who cares that you now know how really strange and retro I am? Find some fun things that make you smile today! For starters, may I suggest this delicious homemade dressing to drizzle over some ice-cold lettuce wedges? It doesn't hurt that the title is the name to an oldies song ;o)

***p.s. I would also like to introduce the latest project of the Browns to my readers: http://pensamientosexegeticos.blogspot.com This blog is/will be a compilation of my brother-in-law, Philip Brown's articles, some previously printed in the Revivalist, and some of my father-in-law, Allan Brown's written sermons. All of these will be translated into Spanish by yours truly. We hope this will be a blessing to Hispanic pastors & students in the future. Feel free to check it out and recommend it to any Spanish people you may know...

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